Close More Callers... Make More Money!
Take Advantage Of Our Marketing Expertise & Lets The Calls Roll In

Step 1: Watch This Video, Then Proceed To Next Step

CO-OP ENROLLMENT IS ONLY $100 Per week :-)

Step 2: Read Participant Details Below

- All participants have full control over the start and stop of the calls received to their phone.

- We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using your Solavei Cell Phone as your business line to take calls. more info

- All participants are fully responsible for their callers.

- If participants do not follow up or stay on top of their callers, callers will be assigned to a ready mentor.

- All participants are responsible to attend first week of training!

- All participants are responsible for customizing their personalized website.

- All participants must choose their concentration day using calender below. 

- All participants must email with questions or concerns.



Step 3:Read Co-Op Details Below

- New members pay $100 for enrollment.

- Include 7 day training + CO-OP advertising for 7 days the following week + Concentration Day + Personalized Website for LIFE!

- Returning members pay $100 and that includes EVERYTHING!

- ONLY 30 members may register per week.

- Payments only accepted through MoneyPak.  No Refunds.  

- When funds are loaded to MoneyPak, then email with confirmation

- Send your schedule times to - 


Step 4: Follow Instructions In Video Below To Send Payment For Co-Op